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  1. Hi, Chris
    This is Robert Johnson Joe’s brother, it has been over 6 months since the plants were found and taken so I can’t say how tall or what diameter they were for sure. There were 6 plants and the biggest one was around 6 feet tall and around 4 feet in diameter, they were planted in miracle grow planting soil or garden soil, in a space of about 2 feet so they were all bunched together. It was hard to tell were one plant stopped and the next one started. I don’t know the strain, they were from some seeds I had, The weather was hot between 80’s and 90’s last year and they were planted out in the open with sunlight almost all day, the woods behind our house blocked the morning sun and the house blocked the evening sun but they were in sunlight most of the day. I used miracle grow 2 or 3 times a week and kept them watered if it didn’t rain. The tallest plant was about 6 feet tall but the others were shorter maybe around 5 feet, I think the big one blocked there sunlight a little bit. They didn’t have any buds but they might have just started to bud if so they were so small it was hard to tell. They said the plants were equal or exceeded 1 thousand grams. The detective I talked to said they would dry them before weighing them. we are in Ohio.

    Thank You so much for your time and any thing you can do to help would be greatly appreciated Thank You again Robert.

    1. Hi, Joe, using the DEA yield formula, 1000 grams fresh plant would yield 70 grams of bud (about 2.5 ounces) but there are a couple other factors here. The plants being so immature, there would probably have been well under an ounce of actual bud material and using higher-yielding strains, pruning and de-leafing the plants can bring that percentage up to double the NIDA/DEA garden yield. It sounds like you were growing the traditional method, sun, soil, water and fertilizer, so I suspect you would have come in closer to the DEA yield number. What has happened with your case? It’s better to reach me by email than by postings, which I don’t often check. Good luck.

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