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Shattered Lives reveals harms of US Drug War

A wake-up call to every American.

shat-cover-bigShattered Lives: Portraits From America’s Drug War

By Mikki Norris, Virginia Resner and Chris Conrad, creators of Human Rights and the Drug War and the HRDW exhibition project

A groundbreaking expose on the U.S. Drug War’s human cost. Mentioned in Newsweek, Playboy, Penthouse, C-Span Journal, and in many other prominent news media.

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Kyoto Hemp Forum, July 2016

kyoto-left-logoHemp: Lifeline to the Future

The 2016 forum is based on and entitled after Chris Conrad’s landmark 1993 book about cannabis hemp and, indeed, all things cannabis. Mr. Conrad will join Japan’s First Lady and environmental advocate Akie Abe in speaking at #KyotoHempForum on July 2, 2016. Delegates from around the globe, will gather at KICC (Kyoto International Conference Center), where the Kyoto Protocol was originally signed in 1997 acknowledging our international and planetary responsibilities to the environment and where the 2003 World Water Forum was held, for The First Annual “International Hemp Environmental Forum”, from 10 am – 7 pm, to: Continue reading Kyoto Hemp Forum, July 2016

Mikki Norris: Activist, Educator

mikki_2848Celebrated cannabis and human rights activist Mikki Norris has received awards for her work from Drug Policy Alliance, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Seattle Hempfest and The Emerald Cup, among others.

Current projects

Norris is currently providing public education, outreach, and consulting services to Prop 64 Adult Use of Marijuana Act campaign, a legalization initiative headed to the November 2016 ballot in California. She is an occasional contributor to

American Hemp Council to Proposition 215

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California AG Panel: Legalize home grows, gifting

20th Annual Report, 1989: California state Prosecutor’s Report on Marijuana & Drugs (Excerpt)

About the Report: This report was prepared by a panel of experts commissioned by State of California Attorney General John Van de Kamp. Upon receiving the panel’s recommendations, based on its 20-year study of the crisis in drug policy, AG Van de Kamp — by then a candidate for governor — suppressed the report and refused to publish it. The panel published its final report at their own expense.  Continue reading California AG Panel: Legalize home grows, gifting