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California: Personal Adult Use of Marijuana

Proposition 64 Section 4. PERSONAL USE.

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The personal adult use section of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act 2016 (AUMA) initiative defines marijuana, legalizes it and establishes parameters for lawful use and responsible behavior. Age of consent at 21 years includes Legal adult use one ounce of marijuana and eight grams of concentrate, Grow six plants per residence and keep or give away the harvest, Lawful amounts not basis for search or seizure, No local bans on possession, sharing or discrete, enclosed gardens, Medical Marijuana exemptions. Responsible public behavior includes Open container rule, Marijuana DUI, Impairment issues, Workplace, Property rights, Infractions and tickets, Medical Marijuana exemption. Criminal statutes in Section 8. Continue reading California: Personal Adult Use of Marijuana

AUMA 2016, Prop. 64: Marijuana tax and use of funds

Proposition 64 Section 7. MARIJUANA TAX.

This section sets the taxes on commercial marijuana production and organizes its distribution and oversight, including: Excise tax of 15% on retail cost, Production tax $9.25 per ounce of flowers or $2.75 per ounce of leaf, Assessment of taxes, Inspections and accounting, Review, California Marijuana Tax Fund, Disbursements, Community grants, Youth programs and job creation   Continue reading AUMA 2016, Prop. 64: Marijuana tax and use of funds