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Summary of California’s new marijuana laws

Effective November 9, 2016:
Here are California’s adult use marijuana laws


Learn more about Proposition 64 by reviewing this link.

These counties voted Yes on Proposition 64

View a chart showing county by county election returns. Prop. 64 results are on pages 74 – 76.

AUMA 2016, Prop. 64: Personal Adult Use of Marijuana

Proposition 64. Section 4. PERSONAL USE.

The personal adult use section of the AUMA initiative establishes the parameters of legal use and responsible behavior, including: Legal adult use one ounce of marijuana and eight grams of concentrate, Home gardens, Grow six plants and keep or give away the harvest, No local bans on possession, sharing or discrete, enclosed gardens, Lawful amounts not basis for search or seizure, Responsible public behavior, Medical Marijuana exemptions, Infractions and tickets, Open container rule, Marijuana DUI, Age of Consent at 21 Years, Impairment issues, Workplace, Property rights, Medical Marijuana exemption

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