GameBoy Advance ROMs - A Complete Guide

Playing games like Pokemon - Ruby or Emerald Version, Kirby, Dragonball Z, and so on is the best way to kill our boredom. 90 percent of teenagers all over the world indulge themselves in these games in their free time. We all understand that these games are extremely interesting but are they always available on our devices?

The answer is no. We don't always get these games on our devices. To play these games we generally have to install a GBA ROM. So here is an article that will help you understand everything you need to know about GBA ROMs and what games you can play with them.


Before knowing about GBA ROMs we need to know what a ROM is. A ROM is a Read-Only Memory that is a medium of storage used in computers and other electronic-based devices. The most important aspect of the Read-Only Memory is that anything that is stored in the ROM can only be read by the user and cannot be modified or tampered with. This also means anything that is stored in the ROM is safe and first hand.

Coming back to GBA ROMs, it is a ROM which is for the Nintendo GBA video games also known as GameBoy Advance. These video games are extremely popular all over the world. These games are Pokemon, Mario, Dragonball Z, Kirby, and so on. These video games can only be played if you have a GBA ROM. It has the same copy of the GBA video game that is saved which can be played only using an emulator for GameBoy.

GBA Opening Programs

Here are the programs that can unfold or open a GBA Video Game or File and do not require any payment for it.

For Android:

  • John GBAC
  • Fast Emulator
  • Pizza Boy GBA Free
  • GBAoid

For Linux:

  • KiGB

For MAC:

  • OpenEmu
  • KiGB
  • VisualBoyAdvance

For Windows:

  • BoycottAdvance
  • VisualBoyAdvance
  • RascalBoyAdvance
  • Dream GBA
  • KiGB

For iOS:

  • GBA4iOS

GameBoy Advance

The GameBoy Advance is a handheld gaming console that was developed by Nintendo R&E and manufactured by Nintendo. It is a console with 256 KB external and 96 KB V-RAM and 32-bit. It was developed as the successor to GameBoy Color. It is a part of the 6th Generation Video Game Console. The previous models of the GameBoy consoles had a portrait form which was designed by Gunipei Yokoi. The new Game Boy Console was modified and made into a Landscape shape with buttons on the side. This was designed by Gwenael Nicolas, a French designer.

The GameBoy Advance has represented itself for a Sprite based technology. Its systems include several programs like the games that are ported from 16-bit to 8-bit type of the earlier generations like the SNES role-play type video games. The GameBoy consoles have several games that are both 2D graphics and 3D graphics including realistic shooting games like the Doom Games and GT Advanced Racing.

Most importantly as a part of the Ambassador Program of the developer Nintendo 3D game system a few GameBoy Advance games were specifically made free of any cost for users who purchased the drop in price in August 2011.

Best GBA Games Of All Times

Here are the 11 most famous all-time hit GBA games that are still played by teenagers. These games are said to be some of the best GBA video games ever made. These games are extremely famous and are still played all over the world.

  1. The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap (2004)
  2. Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire (2002)
  3. Mario Kart: Super Circuit (2001)
  4. Mario Tennis: Power Tour (2005)
  5. Final Fight One (1989)
  6. Metal Slug Advance (2004)
  7. Gunstar Future Heroes (2005)
  8. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past (1991)
  9. Castlevania: Circle Of the Moon (2001)
  10. Star Wars III: Revenge Of The sith (2005)
  11. Spider Man: Mysterio's Menace (2001)

Final Words

Video games are the future. The virtual gaming world has become so advanced today that it does not stop growing. It has advanced so drastically within the last 2 decades that every year you will see a new version or a new game coming up. It is a great way of enjoying 3D realistic games with incredible graphics. However, it is crucial to first have a supportive ROM that will allow you to keep playing and enjoying the games.