News from the planet Mars (2016).Description

The main character of the picture is an ordinary man named Philip Mars.He is no different from millions of Americans.He has a family - a wife and two children.He works for a small company and carries out his duties honestly.And on weekends he goes to a picnic with friends or watches a match of his favorite baseball team.And Philip is appreciated by everyone for the fact that he is always ready to help if asked about it.A man simply cannot stand aside, so he is ready to do everything for his friends and loved ones.But one day he will understand that for many years he lived for others.At the same time, I practically didn't think about myself. <br />
<br />
This thought will make him look at the world around him in a new way.In addition, events begin to occur around him that Philip does not like very much.For example, his ex-girlfriend showed up, with whom he met even before the wedding.And for some reason she is offended by the man and blames him for the fact that her life did not work out.Therefore, the girl promised to take revenge on her former lover.Children also began to bring a lot of problems.So, the eldest son suddenly decided to give up meat.And he began to teach all his relatives to veganism.And my daughter got a job and began to do everything to build a career. <br /> check this link right here now.

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