School and parents: the prospect of dialogue

The child is the link between the school and parents. Throughout the learning process, he is influenced on both sides. The question is how to make this influence synthetic and to avoid the appearance of an internal conflict among the pupil due to the divergence of views of parents and teachers.
Until the child develops independent critical thinking, in his assessments of reality he will rely on the opinion of significant adults. And here the first clash between school and family may arise. Coming to first grade, the student perceives the teacher as an authority. It does not follow from this that the child will unconditionally fulfill all the requirements of the teacher, however, the words of the teacher can carry a lot of weight for the first grader. This attitude does not always depend on the personal qualities of the teacher and is rather due to the characteristics of the child's psyche.
At the same time, parents can be disapproving of the personality of the teacher or the teaching process. The reasons for this are always different.
It is important that the parent understands that the child will not be able to learn anything from a teacher whom he does not respect. Allowing himself negative statements about the teacher, the parent discredits him in the eyes of the child, which subsequently complicates the process of learning and upbringing.
Often a conflict arises when the teacher does not realize the boundaries of his influence. If you give a sharply negative assessment of the student’s actions, make judgments about his personality, you can quickly make an enemy in the person of the parent. And that is understandable! Indeed, normally a parent will act on the side of his child, protecting him from attacks.
To prevent or resolve the conflict, it is necessary to understand that each participant in the educational process is primarily a person.
Teachers and parents are adults with their own ideas about the world, already established views and certain expectations.
The child is an emerging personality; he seeks his own ways of interacting with the world and is often mistaken on this difficult path.
The teacher and parents are guides for the growing person to the adult world. Their task is to help him understand himself and the world around him, without imposing his own convictions.
If the views of the parent and teacher on any aspect of upbringing diverge, it makes sense to discuss this and come to a common decision so as not to infringe on the interests of the child.
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