Why Ukraine is not ready to legalize prostitutes

Ukrainian experts in economics and jurisprudence argue that legalizing prostitution will bring Ukraine undeniable benefits. After all, even in conditions of prosecution by law, the prostitutes continue to openly provide sex services, but their profits are deposited in the pockets of unscrupulous policemen and officials. At the same time, girls of easy virtue are looking for guys via the Internet, using specialized platforms. For example, HOT-LOVE - a popular site for prostitutes in Kiev and the regions - operates with an extensive database with thousands of profiles of attractive sex workers.

legalization of prostitution 

Obstacles to the legalization of individuals

Despite the estimated profits with 7-9 zeros and the possibility of reducing the spread of STDs, legitimizing confusion is not yet possible for the following reasons:
1. The stereotypical thinking of Ukrainians, especially the older generation, assigns negative traits to sex workers. For example, many are confident that it is impossible to remove a prostitute in Kiev without the participation of criminal representatives, and every second beauty is infected with an STD.
2. Religious organizations condemn prostitution as a method of earning and claim that its legality will devalue the moral principles of Ukrainian citizens.
3. Sales officials are not interested in getting the sex industry out of the shadows, as profits from the business will go to the country's treasury, and not to their pockets.
4. The lowest category of whores is not interested in legalization, because they will have to follow certain rules of work and pay taxes.
But even in the current conditions, the ero-segment continues to develop and improve, so it will take no more than 10-15 minutes to remove a whore in Kiev via the Internet even from an inexperienced user.


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